Stainless Steel perforated metals are used in a wide range of applications, most commonly as screens, also for lightweight decorative elements, to filters, shields and guards, perforated sunshades and sunscreens to provide privacy for building occupants without blocking the total view. Perforated metals also have the ability to control the passage of air and other gases, liquids, light, solids, heat, electromagnetic energy and sound waves.

The grade of this product is 304 and the finish is 2B

This stainless steel perforated sheet product can be supplied at standard sizes as listed or we can cut to your desired size, just fill in the Custom Cut section. Please note that appx. 15mm around perimeter of original sheet is not perforated (see image), if custom cut is ordered, we will try to avoid using this portion depending on size, however it is possible part or all of this non perforated may need to be used, also after cutting it is probable the non perforated perimeter will be missing on at least 1 edge.

These are cut with a guillotine therefore can only cut in straight line (cannot do Tetris like shapes, if you require these please contact us for a quote). Custom cut multiples will not necessarily be identical as cuts may start in different place in sheet, if you require all to be identical please contact us for a quote. 

Whilst we have good machinery no cut will leave a smooth edge like an extruded edge, please note that any custom cut edges if seen may have imperfections. We endeavour to produce your order to the exact size, however there is a production tolerance of +/- 2.0mm. Offcuts will only be supplied upon request.

Grade 304 is the most commonly used, it is used for a variety of household and industrial applications such as bench tops, food handling and processing equipment.

Grade 316 is the second most commonly used, usually regarded as the standard “marine grade” but not fully resistant to sea water. In many marine environments 316 does exhibit surface corrosion, usually visible as brown staining.

Nº2B This finish is classified as an ‘unfinished’ or ‘mill’ product. Does not come with protective film coating and is not typically used cosmetically. This particular finish is most often used where stainless steel is specified but the finish (appearance) is unimportant. 

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store. 

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