This stainless steel custom folded angle product can be custom folded and cut to your required dimensions.

The smallest leg we can fold is 10mm, the maximum size from sheet size of 1219 x 3658mm.

Follow the steps provided to enter the details for your custom folded angle. We endeavour to produce your order to the exact size, however there is a production tolerance of +/- 2.0mm & there will be a small radius at fold. If you require thicker than we have listed, please contact us for a quote.

Grade 304 is the most commonly used, it is used for a variety of household and industrial applications such as bench tops, food handling and processing equipment.

Grade 316 is the second most commonly used, usually regarded as the standard “marine grade” but not fully resistant to sea water. In many marine environments 316 does exhibit surface corrosion, usually visible as brown staining.

Grade 430 (magnetic), it is not actually magnetic itself, it means magnets will stick to it.


Nº2B Finish is classified as an “Unfinished” or “Mill” product. Does not come with protective coating and is not typically used cosmetically. This particular finish is most often used where stainless steel is specified but the finish (appearance) is unimportant.

Nº4 Finish is characterized by short, fine, parallel polishing lines running lengthwise on sheet. This general-purpose finish is widely used for restaurant, kitchen equipment, food processing and dairy equipment. This is also referred to as a ‘brushed’ finish, and is the most commonly used.

Nº8 Finish is the most reflective polished finish that is mirror-like but not a perfect mirror.

Bright Annealed (BA) has a mirror like appearance but may have some cloudiness and other imperfections.

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store. 

All prices include GST.