Please note if this is going to have hot items on it you may be better to have toughened glass rather than float / annealed or laminated glass due to the potential of cracking from heat. Unless this glass is encased around perimeter it is almost definite you will need edges polished.

We have made this website as user friendly as possible, just follow the drop down boxes and they should guide you through the process. Please note although we endeavour to supply your glass to exact size requested there is a +/- tolerance of 2mm. With toughened glass at least one dimension must be a minimum of 300mm. Toughened mirror does not have solid backing therefore is slightly transparent until put up against a solid surface, be mindful of this.

Silver mirror is what is commonly seen as standard mirror.

Float / Annealed Glass - All glass starts of as float/ annealed, because of this it is the most cost effective. This glass if broken is usually in shard like shapes. Float glass is not safety glass.

Laminated Glass - Is 2 pieces of float / annealed glass with an interlayer sandwiched between them; this interlayer is poly vinyl butyrate (more commonly called PVB). The main benefit of this glass is; when broken it is held together because of the PVB, this makes it both a safe & secure product. The PVB also adds to better sound proofing. Laminated glass is safety glass.

Toughened Glass - Is float glass cut to size, the sharp edges removed, then furnaced to heat strengthen it. Toughened glass when broken explodes and ends up in lots of small sharp pieces (this is what the old windscreens were made of to give you an idea) Toughened glass is safety glass.

Vinyl Backing Glass - This glass is more for safety, it is vinyl backed float glass, designed to stay together if broken rather than shards. It is commonly used in wardrobe doors.

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our storeAll prices include GST.