We have made this website as user friendly as possible, just follow the drop down boxes and they should guide you through the process. Please note although we endeavour to supply your glass to exact size requested there is a +/- tolerance of 2mm. 

With toughened glass at least one dimension must be a minimum of 300mm. 

Sizes are only available within 2440 x 3660mm. 

Float/annealed glass is not recommended to be used within 300mm of cooktops/ovens/heated areas, only toughened glass is suitable for this application.

Silver mirror is what is commonly seen as standard mirror.

We also sell suitable double sided mirror tape, please see in miscellaneous category. Non acetic silicone is suitable. Toughened mirror does not have solid backing therefore is slightly transparent until put up against a solid surface, be mindful of this regarding silicone colour, clear is best to be sure.

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store

All prices include GST.