Copper sheet is used for widely for decorative purposes, it can be used as splashbacks, rangehood flues, worktops, in sinks, bathroom and household equipment, in balustrades, sculptures and artwork.

This copper sheet product is temper grade C12200 and temper HV 75/90. The finish is mill finish.

C12200 has similar corrosion resistance to C11000. It gives excellent resistance to weathering and very good resistance to many chemicals. It is often used specifically for corrosion resistance. It is suitable for use with most waters, and can be used underground because it resists soil corrosion. It resists non-oxidising mineral and organic acids, caustic solutions and saline solutions. 

Maximum we can make is based on original sheet size 1200 x 2400mm. The middle leg (B) dimension must be minimum 26mm. A & C must be 10mm or larger, and either A or C must be smaller than dimension B. Please reach out to us if you are unsure if your required sizes can be folded.

We endeavour to produce your order to the exact size, however there is a production tolerance of +/- 2.0mm. 

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store.

All prices include GST.