Copper is a pure metal requiring no extraction from an ore, it is particularly malleable and ductile and a good conductor of both heat and electricity. Due to its attractive appearance, malleability, and conductivity, copper tubes are often used in industrial applications involving fabrication works, commonly used in decorative applications such as jewellery, but also popular for use in technical electrical projects. It is also used widely for decorative purposes when polished.

This copper round tube product is Alloy C12200 which can be can be bent, soldered, drilled, peened, riveted and formed. Tubing is most often used for heating systems. It can be supplied at standard sizes as listed below or we can cut to your desired length at a minimum charge, just fill in the Custom Cut section. We aim to produce your custom cut to the exact length, however there is a production tolerance of +/- 2.0mm. 

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