The flyscreen frame comes in 2 sizes, with multiple finish options.

The 22 x 9mm frame is mainly only used for certain domestic sliding windows (A&L for instance), check gap width where your flyscreen will go into window.

The 25 x 11mm frame will suit most other window applications. It is used for awning windows that require the sill winder skirt, also without sill winder skirt, if your awning window has height built up on either side of the chain winder to cater (see image). It is also used for a number of domestic sliding windows, check gap width where your flyscreen will go into the window. It can also be used for double hung windows, sometimes in conjunction with butterfly clips.

The Sill winder skirt is suited to work in conjunction with the 25 x 11mm frame for awning windows that require the height to be built up around the chain winder. The frame 25 x 11mm frame fits snugly inside this, usually requiring no extra fixings. There is a snap off line to suit the height of most chain winders, just place your flyscreen over the chain winder, mark both ends allowing appx. 2mm clearance each end, cut to the snap off line both ends & approx. every 50mm in between then snap off parts (it is easier if you have the skirt on the flyscreen).

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