These flyscreens are fully fabricated with selected colour & mesh to your size, ready to install.

For sliding windows, the flyscreens have 1 finger pull approx. centre at bottom. The 22 x 9mm frame is suited to certain sliding window brands, A&L for instance, check the cavity width to determine which is suitable. The 25 x 11mm is also used for many window brands.

For Double Hung windows we use the 25 x 11mm frame with no plunger pins or finger pulls, we supply 4 swivel clips per flyscreen.

For Awning windows, we use 25 x 11mm frame, most require the sill skirt, suitable for most standard chain winders, it is the stronger available & has a snap off point so all you need to do is cut to line at both ends, put some cuts between & snap off with pliers. Some awning windows already have the height built both sides of winder (see example) so no skirt is required. We supply & fit plunger pins both sides approx. 300mm from top, this is usually enough in combination with the chain winder to hold them in place.

With the non stock powdercoat option there is approx. 10-20 working day lead time for powdercoating.  In price of 1st item is a 1 off powdercoat surcharge $200.00, after that only original item cost is added if more than 1 selected.

Whilst we endeavour to make your screens exact size requested the size tolerance is + / – 2mm
The maximum size allowed for in this price range is 1.5m² per flyscreen.

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store.

All prices include GST.