This product can be supplied at standard sizes as listed or we can cut to your desired size. There is ability for custom cut in both full sheets or the Custom Cut option. These are cut with a guillotine therefore can only cut in straight line (cannot do Tetris like shape prices here, if you require these please contact us for a quote).

Whilst we have good machinery no cut will leave a smooth edge like an extruded edge, please note that any custom cut edges if seen may have imperfections. We endeavour to produce your order to the exact size, however there is a production tolerance of +/- 2.0mm. Offcuts will only be supplied upon request. 

Maximum size is based off the largest sheet size which is 1220 x 2440mm, if you require larger or multiple pieces please contact us for a quote.

This product does not come with a protective film like other metal sheeting, as it is primarily used for construction and not aesthetic purposes, therefore is prone to scratching.

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store.

All prices include GST.