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Round rod Mill Finish

Machine Rod – Mill Finish


This product can be supplied at standard lengths as listed or we can cut to your desired length at a minimum charge, just fill in the Custom Cut section, we aim to produce your custom cut to the exact length, however there is a production tolerance of +/- 2.0mm, all are square cut unless otherwise advised.

This Machine Rod Aluminium alloy 2011 is a high mechanical strength alloy that machines exceptionally well. Often called a Free Machining Alloy or ‘FMA’ it is well suited to use in automatic lathes. It is typically used in applications that require parts manufactured by repetition machining. These applications may include:
Appliance parts & trim, Automotive trim, Fasteners and fittings, Ordnance.

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store.

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Machine Rod Size

6mm 2011 T3, 8mm 2011 T3, 10mm 2011 T3, 12mm 2011 T3, 16mm 2011 T3, 20mm 2011 T3, 22mm 2011 T3, 25.4mm 2011 T3, 30mm 2011 T3, 33mm 2011 T3, 36mm 2011 T3, 39mm 2011 T6, 42mm 2011 T6, 45mm 2011 T6, 50mm 2011 T6, 55mm 2011 T6, 60mm 2011 T6, 65mm 2011 T6, 70mm 2011 T6, 75mm 2011 T6, 80mm 2011 T6, 90mm 2011 T6, 100mm 2011 T6


0.7m (Half Length), 0.85m (Half Length), 1.45m (Half Length), 1.75m (Half Length), 1.5m (Full Length), 1.8m (Full Length), 3.0m (Full Length), 3.6m (Full Length), Custom Cut

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