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Flat Bar dimension example

Flat Bar – Mill Finish & Anodised


This product can be supplied at standard lengths as listed or we can cut to your desired length at a minimum charge, just fill in the Custom Cut section, we aim to produce your custom cut to the exact length, however there is a production tolerance of +/- 2.0mm, all are square cut unless otherwise advised.

Please Note With This Product Black & Bronze Anodised There Is A Lead Time Of Approximately 10 – 30 Working Days For Anodising, also all anodised products over 3mm thick. 20 – 50mm at each end may not be usable due to tong marks left from the anodising process. All custom cuts are done after anodising.

With natural / clear anodised apart from the following the above lead times also apply (we carry many items in stock but if required immediately may pay to check);  10 x 3mm, 12 x 1.6mm, 12 x 3mm, 16 x 3mm, 20 x 1.6mm, 20 x 3mm, 20 x 6mm, 20 x 10mm, 25 x 1.6mm, 25 x 3mm, 25 x 6mm, 32 x 3mm, 40 x 3mm, 40 x 12mm, 40 x 25, 50 x 1.6mm 50 x 3mm, 50 x 6mm, 50 x 10mm, 60 x 3mm, 80 x 1.6mm, 80 x 3mm, 80 x 3mm, 80 x 6mm, 100 x 1.5mm, 100 x 3mm, 100 x 6mm, 130 x 1.5mm, 150 x 1.5mm, 150 x 3mm,160 x 4mm, 160 x 6mm, 200 x 6mm   

We will let you know when your order will be delivered or ready for pick-up from our store.

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